Modeled after the Committee for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC), C-TECC is comprised of a broad range of interagency operational and academic leaders in the practice of high threat medicine and fire/rescue from across the nation, including members from emergency medicine, emergency medical services, police, fire, and the military special operations community. It is the responsibility of C-TECC to maintain and update the TECC guidelines, incorporating new information and technology and reflecting the best evidenced-based medicine principles. C-TECC remains an independent civilian entity but maintains a close relationship with CoTCCC for guidance and support.

Guiding Doctrine


The C-TECC is comprised of a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, a Board of Advisors and a Guidelines Committee. Each part of the organization is composed of subject matter experts from mulltiple agencies and a wide range of medical disciplines, operational disciplines and areas of expertise.

The Guidelines Committee, responsible for drafting the actual TECC guidelines, is comprised of 24 voting members and the non-voting executive committee representing an interagency group of leaders with experience in direct operations, doctrine development, and training. This Committee includes physicians, paramedics, EMT’s, law enforcement officers and fire fighters all with an equal voice.

Board of Directors
Executive Committee
Board of Advisors
Board of Emeritus Advisors
Guidelines Committee
Committee Liaison Chairs