Organizations that agree to teach TECC in accordance with the Principles of Guidelines Education may apply to the Committee for the ability to use the Recognized Educational Content logo in its training materials. The entities listed on this page have been so authorized.

NOTE: C-TECC does not confer exclusivity to any one group, either in content or geography.

Registered Educational Partners should refrain from disseminating promotional materials suggesting it has exclusive rights to teach any specific TECC material, within any geographic territory or locales. Questions regarding any such claims and/or content may be forwarded to:

001 ANPK-CET/Medicina Tactica Costa Rica
105th Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Squadron
111th Squadron Subic Division, Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary
30:2 Emergencia y Rescate Chile
66 Tactical Medical Training Solutions
927th Aeromedical Squadron, MacDill AFB (FL)
AACCES Support en Développement
Academia de Urgencias Prehospiotalarias Capacitaciones SPA
ACS Medical
Adamed Ratownictwo Specjalistyczne
Adaptive Training Consultants
Advanced Trauma Specialties
Adventure Medical Training & Services
Aeger Group
ALERT - Aksyong Leif Emergency Response Team
Alpha Bravo Medical Solutions LLC
Alpha-1 Technical Emergency Training Center Corp
Amarante Académie
Amoskeag Clinical Education Services
Angry Lynx Medic
Animal Fire Rescue
Antonio Urani Training
Anyone Not Ready
AO Training Solutions LLC
Archetype of the Gun
Argus Operations
Aris Integrated Medical
Arlington County (VA) Fire Department
Arlington County (VA) Police Department
Artesia (NM) Fire Department
Artifex Firearms Training
Asbury (IA) Police Department
Asesoria Global en Emergencias
Asistencia Sanitaria Tactica Dix Formacio
Asociación Internacional de Instructores Policiales
Asociación Internacional de Operaciones Especiales y Emergencias (AIOEEM)
Asociación SR3 Team
Asset College (Asset Training Australia Pty Ltd)
Associació de Voluntaris Protecció Civil a Esplugues de Llobregat
Association Sauvetage Tactique Opérationnel
Assured Intervention Systems
ATAC Treinamentos
Atalante Strategic
Atrium / Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
Augusta University, Center of Operational Medicine
Ausbildungszentrum Mrozinski
Bad Day Industries
BaseZen Attitude
Bell County (TX) EMS Training
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Disaster Medicine Fellowship
Better Protectors LLC
Bildungsakademie fuer Gesundheit- und Sozialberufe des Kreises Mettmann GmbH
Bleeding Control Chile
Blue Star Medical
Brass Half Full LLC
Bravo Training Solutions
Bravo Two Six
Bravo Zulu First Aid & Safety Team
BRIAPH Academy Education Center
bso-academy Germany
Business-Risk Consulting
Capital City CPR
CASEF Healthcare
Cataldo Ambulance, Inc.
Center for Counter Terrorism Training
Center for Tactical Medicine
Center of Tactical Medicine - Hungary
Centro De Capacitaci—n En Desastres Y Atenci—n Prehospitalaria CECDAph SAS
Centro Eentrenamiento Medicina Táctica y Atención Prehospitalaria (C.E.MEDTAC.yAPH)
Centro Internacional Entrenamiento Euroamericano (CIEE)
Chapitre ITLS Québec
Chautauqua County (NY) EMS Education Division
China Express Education & Technology Industry Co., Ltd.
Christoph Lippay Training
City of Naples (FL) Fire-Rescue Department
Clave Uno Chile
Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital
Cold Bore Tactical, LLC
Collaborative Preparedness LLC
Collin College Public Safety Training Center
Comédica Emergencias
Community (TX) Volunteer Fire Department
Community Health Associates, LLC
Composite Emergency Response Group
Consulting & Training Dörfler
Contact Front Training Solutions
Corunna Area Ambulance Service
Cosain Group, LLC
CPFI (Centre de Prevention et de Formation Incendie)
Crash Medical Solutions LLC
Crisis Medicine LLC
Crisis Point Trauma Care Inc
Crisis Response Group LLC
Critical Thinking SPA Chile
CRT Consultant Ltd
CS3 Brasil
Cuerpo de Médicos y Paramedicos Tácticos de Ecuador
Cuerpo Internacional Socorrista SAR
Curacao Tactical Medic
Czech Association of Combat Medics
Darkstar Medical
Department of Propaedeutics of Pediatrics, Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine
Department of Simulation Medical Technologies, Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine
Deployed Concepts Pty Ltd
Der Dozent CL
Direct Action Resource Center (DARC)
Dirigo Readiness Resources Group, LLC
Doc Tactical Med Responder
Duck Outdoor
Dynamic Rescue Solutions
E-mergencia Formación
Ebbersmeyer Consulting GmbH
Edwards AFB (CA) Fire & Emergency Services
El Campo (TX) EMS
Elite Training Center Lhenice
Ellington (CT) Volunteer Fire Department
Emergencias Medicas Tacticas Mexico
Emergency First Aid Provide (Greece)
Emergency Global Care Training
Emergency Medical Services University LLC
Emergency Response Concepts
Emergency Services Group International
Emergency Training & Coaching
Emergmart Response Systems, Inc.
EMS Honduras
Enger Safety
EPAMU Liege - Belgium
ER Medical Services Australia
European Society of Medical Emergency
Executive Protection Service Holdings PTY Ltd
Executive Tacmed Group (Pty) Ltd
F3EA, Inc.
Fairfax County (VA) Department of Emergency Management and Security
Falls Church (VA) Volunteer Fire Department
Family First Personal Protection
Fire Medical Security Academy
FiResMA (First Responder Medic Academy)
First Aid Plus
First Aid Solutions
First Aid Tactics LLC
First Aid Training Greece
First Help Training & Surviving
First Response Italy
FMAG Rescue Philippines
Force Aid Solutions
Fort Worth Combatives
Forward Alliance
Franco Training Solutions
French Touch Solution Global Security
G4 Security Consulting, LLC
Gavin de Becker & Associates
Global Emergency Medical Technicians Registry
Global Response Management
Global Risk Management LLC
GOn1 Gestora de Projetos LTDA
Greater Manila Emergency Response Network
Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District Fire Department
Grupo Calep
Grupo de Rescate Urachiche
Grupo Interfuerzas
Guangdong ZHONGAN Health&Safety Industry Development Co., LTD
Guardian Angel Medical Training
Guardians Emergency Response Team
Guerrilla Medicine Europe
H3 High Security Solutions LLC
Hart Security Ltd.
Haybox Inc.
HAZMEDS Trainingen
Hellenic Crises and Disasters Management Institute (HCDMI)
Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care
Höhere Fachschule für Rettungsberufe
Holley Tactical Training Institute
Hong Kong Emergency Medical Services Corps
Hong Kong Institute of Paramedicine
Hong Kong Society of Professional Medical Care
Hope Emergency Training Academy
HTEC Co. Ltd
Hurley Safety Training and Consulting
Ibero First Responders
Immediate Care Paramedics Ltd.
Immediate Response Training LLC
Instituto de Formación y Entrenamiento Profesional en Emergencias
Instituto Technico en Rescate, Emergencias y Formacion Profesional (ISTEREM)
Integrated Community Solutions to Active Violence Events (ICSAVE)
International Academy of Training in Survival Techniques and Survival Specialist Tactical Medicine
International Center for Prehospital & Disaster Medicine
International Medical and Disaster Association Corp
International Safety & Defense Strategical Solutions Co. Ltd
Iridium Solutions Inc
Islang Catandungan Response (ICARE)
Isle of Wight (VA) Volunteer Rescue Squad
Italy Tactical Training
ITTAC México
Jefferson County (TN) EMS Training Center
K Delta Training
Karl de la Guerra, Inc. (KDI)
Kerberos Turvallisuuspalvelut
Khimaira Strategy Tactics
Kiné Solution
Lamorinda (CA) CERT Foundation
LaRosa Training Services
Lawrence County (OH) EMS
League City (TX) Police Department
Liberty Township (MS) Fire Department
Liberty Tree Training & Development
Life Support France
Lifehold Strategic LLC
Lifestar Rural EMS
Lōkahi GS
Lyons (NJ) VA Fire Department
M.I. Unite Mobile d'Instruction
MAHAON Rescue & Medical Support
MALC Training Institute
Mana Group, Security and Training Consultants, Inc.
Maryland Natural Resources Police
MATES - Medical Aid Training Evacuation Support
McCracken Tactical
McGregor Memorial Ambulance
Med 24-7 Medical Service
Med-OSH Consulting
MED-TAC International Corp
MEDATP International Training Institute
Medical Consulting and Training Solutions
Medical Facility of the Ministry of the Interior, Czech Republic
Medicina Tactica Argentina
Medicina Táctica Chihuaua (TACMEDCUU)
Medicina Tactica Mexico
Medicine in Bad Places
Medicor Development Group
Meditáctica Training Center
Meducation, GR
MedXProject GmbH
Melita Safety Training Services
Metropolitan Emergency Services (MEMS)
Missione Soccorso
Mits Tactical Medicine Section
MiWi Notfalltrainings and More
Modern Public Safety Solutions LLC
MTP Formation
Mulvane (KS) EMS
NAEMT Switzerland
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
National Institute of Medical Teaching and Research in Critical Areas
Needham (MA) Fire Department
NGO Tactical Medicine NORTH
Night Fox Tactical
NORCAL Recruiting Battalion
North Huntingdon (PA) EMS/Rescue
Northeast Emergency Training Solutions LLC
Northern Virginia Emergency Response System
Northern Virginia EMS Council
Northfield Hospital + Clinics EMS
Notfalltraining Vest
Núcleo de Educação Permanente SAMU RJ
Núcleo de Operações Especiais - RS PRF
Odin Medical
Old Breed Training Group
One Siquijor Rescue
Onsight Medical Training LLC
Operational Unit of Carabineros de Chile (UMOCAR)
Osseo Senior High School - EMS Program
OTEC First Responder (Chile)
Outreach Educational Opportunities, LLC
Oversight Management LLC
PACE Preparedness Solutions, LLC
Palm Beach (FL) Fire Rescue
Paragon Systems
Pew Pew Guru LLC
Piceno Formazione Srls - Epione Group
Pointman Defensive Solutions LLC
Policia National Del Perú / Hospital Regional Policial Chiclayo
Polizeiärztlicher Dienst Sachesen
Portuguese Society of Pre-Hospital Emergency
Poudre (CO) Fire Authority
PPA-International Medical
Prepared Medical Response, LLC
pro-medi GmbH
Proactive Asset Solutions Inc.
ProTech, EMS, LSS
Protect Or Save
Public Servant Solutions
Puerto Rico Safety Group
Pulaski County (VA) Public Safety
QRFSolutions Ltd
R.A.W. Training Group LLC
Raptor Corp
Real Response Pty Ltd
Regional Counterdrug Training Academy
Remote Areas Emergency Medicine and Survival / Personal Safety Solutions
Responder's Resources
RS Sea Rescue Academy
RSF Hellas
Rugged Concepts LLC
S.A.S. Safety and Security
S.C.H. Formation
S.T.S. Brocéliande
S.U.A.D. 24 Horas, SL
Safe Ranger Africa
Safehouse Training Solutions LLC
Safety Education Specialists LLC
Safety Team asbl
SAHCO Consulting
Saint Michael Services Sagl
San Francisco (CA) Sheriff's Department
School of First Aid
Secourisme et Préparation Physique Opérationnel
Shandong International Ocean Engineering Training Center
Shooters University
Sierra International Medical Training Solutions
Somerset County (NJ) Office of Emergency Management
Soporte de Vida
SOS3 Tactical LLC
SPARTA Capacitaciones SPA
Special Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil
Special Solidarity Group - Voluntary Rescue Team
Squadre di Soccorso Technico (S-S-T)
Standby EMS & Training, LLC
STC Instructor
Stillwater County (MT) Disaster & Emergency Services
STOP the Bleed - Polska
STORM Training & Consulting LLC
Strategic Medical Research and Training SMRT
Strategic Operations, Inc.
Strategic Self Reliance and Defense
Strategic Training Group, LLC
Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas
Summit Point Training Facility
Sunflower County (MS) Emergency Medical Response
SureFire Tactical Pty Ltd
Survival Mindset Training
TAC Response Solutions, LLC
TacMed Australia Pty Ltd.
TacMed Dept (Belgium - HQ)
TacMed Dept (France)
TacMed Dept (Switzerland)
TacMed Honduras
Táctic Pre-Hospital Care
Tactical Emergency East Belgium
Tactical Firearms Academy - Tactical Rescue Unit
Tactical Medic France
Tactical Medical Consulting, LLC
Tactical Medicine Academy
Tactical Medicine New Zealand
Tactical Medicine Operator Uruguay (O.M.T.U.)
Tactical Solutions USA
Tailored Defense Training Group
Taiwan Development Association for Disaster Medical Teams
Taiwan Paramedicine Service Co. Ltd.
Takticka Prvni Pomoc
Taktines Medicinos Centras
Taktyczne Ratownictwo Medyczne
The George Washington University Emergency Health Services program
The Pohl Group LLC / Project Survive Foundation
The Rescue Company 1
TME Training Inc.
TNC Brasil
Toronto Paramedic Services - Tactical Paramedic Program
Training Solutions International LLC
Trauma Response Team
Trauma Tech Education Academy
Tree Street Solutions, LLC
Trefoil TTA
Tri-Medical Tactical, LLC
Trilogy International
U/NORD - Ambulance
Ukrainian School of Rescue
Unconventional Medicine, LLC
Unidad Interna de Protección Civil La Luz del Mundo
Unite Mobile D'Instruction
Universal Solution Service Ltd.
University Hospital RWTH Aachen
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Police Department
Valkyrie Training Solutions
Valor Medical Services, LLC
Vanguard Response
Viking Consultant Group, LLC
Viper Medical and Safety Consulting
Virtus Strategic Consulting, Inc.
Wangying Foundation
Washington Township (NJ) Fire District
Waterloo Regional Police Service - Emergency Response Team
Wellington Free Ambulance Inc.
Westair Aviation t/a Medical Rescue Africa
Western Virginia EMS Council
Whiteside Tactical Solutions LLC
Wicked Angel Rescue LLC
Wild Medix
WSS Safety Solutions
X-10 Capacitación y Asesorías
Xuande Rescue and First Aid Education
York Region Paramedic Services, Special Response Unit
Yours Emergency Response
Zainal Abidin (Singapore)