Organizations that agree to teach TECC in accordance with the Principles of Guidelines Education may apply to the Committee for the ability to use the Recognized Educational Content logo in its training materials. The entities listed on this page have been so authorized.

NOTE: C-TECC does not confer exclusivity to any one group, either in content or geography.

Registered Educational Partners should refrain from disseminating promotional materials suggesting it has exclusive rights to teach any specific TECC material, within any geographic territory or locales. Questions regarding any such claims and/or content may be forwarded to:

S.C.H. Formation
S.P.U. Solutions GmbH
SAF Medical Training Institute
Safe Ranger Africa
SAFE Training Institute
Safety Education Specialists LLC
Safety Team asbl
Saint Michael Services Sagl
San Francisco (CA) Sheriff's Department
SAS All About Safety and Security
School of First Aid
Scope Safety & Security
Secourisme et Préparation Physique Opérationnel
Secretaria Especial da Receita Federal do Brasil
Self Reliant Medical LLC
Servants for His Kingdom
Serve DC-The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism
Sierra International Medical Training Solutions
Sociedade Portuguesa de Emergência Pré-Hospitalar
Somerset County (NJ) Office of Emergency Management
Soporte de Vida
SOS3 Tactical LLC
Sparta Capacitaciones SPA
Special Solidarity Group - Voluntary Rescue Team
SR3 Emergency Team
SST Rescue Technician Team
STC Instructor
Steel Standing LLC
Steorra Arms
Stillwater County (MT) Emergency Services
STOP the Bleed - Polska
Strategic Medical Research and Training SMRT
Strategic Operations, Inc.
Strategic Self Reliance and Defense
Strategic Training Group, LLC
Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas
Summit Point Training Facility
Sunflower County (MS) Emergency Medical Response
Survival Mindset Training
Swift Emergency Ambulance Services