Organizations that agree to teach TECC in accordance with the Principles of Guidelines Education may apply to the Committee for the ability to use the Recognized Educational Content logo in its training materials. The entities listed on this page have been so authorized.

NOTE: C-TECC does not confer exclusivity to any one group, either in content or geography.

Registered Educational Partners should refrain from disseminating promotional materials suggesting it has exclusive rights to teach any specific TECC material, within any geographic territory or locales. Questions regarding any such claims and/or content may be forwarded to:

Pacific Emergency Medical Training, Inc.
Pacific Marine Response (PMR)
PADI/EFR Instructor
Paladin South Tactical Medicine Group
Palmetto Health Surgical Specialists
Panoptic Solutions
Paragon Systems Inc.
Paramed 911 (Pty) Ltd.
Paramed CZ
Paramedicine Ambulance Service Co., Ltd.
Paratus Concepts, LLC
Pasadena (CA) Police Department
Pathfinder Expeditions, Tactical & Emergency Training
Peaceful Warrior Training Group
Penn Township (PA) Department of Fire Rescue EMS
Permian Basin Region Training Center
Philadelphia (PA) Sheriff's Office
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dept. Of Emergency Medicine
Philadelphia Fire Department
Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, 111th Squadron Subic Divison
Philippine EMS Training and Assessment Center, Inc.
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Platinum Ten Medical, Inc.
Plus 1 Solutions, LLC
Pointman Defensive Solutions LLC
Polícia Civil do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
Policía Municipal de Madrid
Policia National Del Peru
Pollocksville (NC) EMS
Port Washington (WI) Fire Department
PPA-International Medical Denmark
PR-Sec Oy
Praetorium International
Precision Tactical Medicine Colombia
Prehospital Solutions
Prepared Medical Response, LLC
PREV&EMER Capacitaciones
Primius Medicinae
Primus Defense, LLC
Prince George's County (MD) Fire/EMS Department
Pro Tactical Trainer
Pro-Medi GmbH (Germany)
Proactive Asset Solutions Inc.
Procadi Internacional
Progressive Strategies Group, LLC
ProTech, EMS, LSS
Protection Civile des Vosges
Protective Medicine
Public Safety Leader, LLC
Public Safety Specialists
Public Servant Solutions
Puerto Rico Safety Group
Pulaski County (VA) Public Safety