Organizations that agree to teach TECC in accordance with the Principles of Guidelines Education may apply to the Committee for the ability to use the Recognized Educational Content logo in its training materials. The entities listed on this page have been so authorized.

NOTE: C-TECC does not confer exclusivity to any one group, either in content or geography.

Registered Educational Partners should refrain from disseminating promotional materials suggesting it has exclusive rights to teach any specific TECC material, within any geographic territory or locales. Questions regarding any such claims and/or content may be forwarded to:

Lamorinda (CA) CERT Foundation
Lancaster County (SC) EMS
LaRosa Training Services
Lawrence County (OH) EMS
Liberty Township (MS) Fire Department
Liberty Tree Training & Development
Life Support France
Lifehold Strategic LLC
Lifestar Rural EMS Solutions
LionCrist Prehospitalaria
Lōkahi Government Solutions
LP Sécurité
LSR Fire
Lyons (NJ) VA Fire Department