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The Committee recently voted on and approved a new publication entitled the TECC Preamble. This document outlines the purpose of the TECC guidelines and should be utilized at the front of any training or reference materials.

TECC for Pediatric Care

The Committee also recently voted and approved an updated version of the TECC for Pediatric Care document. These pediatric guidelines were developed because children under 18 years old comprise about 25% of the population and are at a disproportionate disadvantage when they become injured in the prehospital environment. The document follows the same conceptual format as the C-TECC Guidelines, which emphasize three phases of the tactical/operational environment to include direct threat, indirect threat, and evacuation care.

The TECC guidelines will continue to be updated using evidence-based medical best practices and will remain under the custodianship of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. To access all of the most up-to-date versions of our guidelines, please visit our Guidance page.