Today is Giving Tuesday 2021 and we kindly ask you to consider donating to the Committee of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) this year. Donations to the Committee will fund projects in the areas of pre-hospital trauma care to better equip our first responders and civilian active bystanders to treat the injured and prevent loss of life.



If you're unable to donate today, please consider selecting C-TECC as your charity of choice through the AmazonSmile program, which donates money every time you make a purchase on Amazon at no additional cost to you.

C-TECC has identified several areas of patient care that still need significant research conducted before definitive guidelines can be drafted and provided to public safety and community partners for implementation in the response to violent incidents. Some of these areas of research include: pediatric tourniquet use, resuscitation guidelines for pediatrics, wounding patterns from active shooter, methods of evacuation and effect on survival, effect of obesity on TECC equipment and guidelines, physiologic monitoring of casualties in mass casualty, and more.

C-TECC is a non-profit committee of pre-hospital and emergency medicine experts convened to speed the transition of military medical lessons learned from the battlefield to civilian crisis response in order to reduce preventable causes of death in both our first responders and civilian population.

Thank you in advance for your consideration as well as your support throughout the years!