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Michael Marino is currently an Assistant Chief of Operations for the Prince George’s County (MD) Fire/EMS Department, one of the largest combination departments in the United States and has two decades of experience as a professional responder across multiple disciplines.  He currently oversees 225 personnel across five hundred square miles and a budget of over $45 millionChief Marino’s professional achievements include building significant interagency response capacity for high consequence atypical events and he helped to develop a model framework for interagency high threat response integration within the National Capital Region.

Previously, he was a Department of Homeland Security Fellow, National Medical Response Team Task Force Leader and holds a faculty appointment at George Washington University facilitating learning in both civilian special operations and high threat medical response.  He also instructed within FEMA’s Integrated Emergency Management Course which assisted localities in response planning for complex coordinated attacks/high threat incidents and has published in the Homeland Security Affairs Journal and Special Operations Medical Association Journal. He co-authored a textbook on fire, EMS, and law enforcement integration being published later this year.

He is a graduate of Harvard University’s certificate program in Public Policy, an Executive and Chief Fire Officer, a certified public manager, and has a Master’s degree in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School where he researched learning in near real-time for high-threat events. Michael is Vice-Chairman of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) and co-founder of the High-Threat Institute (HTI), SME for the InterAgency Board (IAB), technical committee member for the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard on Active Shooter and Hostile Event Response, and has previously held certification as a Maryland police officer who has served in an operational capacity for many years with one of the busiest SWAT teams in the country. He enjoys the outdoors in many different capacities in his spare time.