Organizations that agree to teach TECC in accordance with the Principles of Guidelines Education may apply to the Committee for the ability to use the Recognized Educational Content logo in its training materials.  The entities listed on this page have been so authorized. 

NOTE:  C-TECC does not confer exclusivity to any one group, either in content or geography. 

Registered Educational Partners should refrain from disseminating promotional materials suggesting it has exclusive rights to teach any specific TECC material, within any geographic territory or locales.  Questions regarding any such claims and/or content may be forwarded to: Executive Director Sarah Kessler, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

C-TECC Recognized Educational Partners:

·      001 ANPK-CET/Medicina Tactica Costa Rica

·      30:2 Emergencia y Rescate Chile (Chile)

·      31-Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc.

·      4-14 Programmi Addestrativi

·      88 Tactical Group

·      A&M Safety and Threat Management

·      Able Rescue Solutions, LLC

·      Academia Chilena de Seguridad

·      Academy of Emergency Sciences

·      ACPA Chile


·      Advanced Trauma Specialties

·      Advanced War Rescue Services and Technology

·      Aeger Group

·      Alaska Medical Educators, LLC

·      Application Designs Improving Emergentology in LatinoAmerica

·      APR de France (France)

·      Arce Type of the Gun

·      ARIS Integrated Medical (Singapore)

·      Arizona National Guard

·      Arkansas State Police SWAT

·      Arlington County (VA) Fire Department

·      Artesia Police Department

·      Artzlicher Dienst der Polizei Sachsen


·      Assistance Consulting

·      Association of Police Officer Paramedics

·      Attencion Sanitaria Extrahospitalaria

·      Auriex

·      Aurora Fire Department

·      AusAction Medic Training

·      Australian Tactical Medicine Association

·      Axis - Emergency Readiness Solutions

·      B2 Products llc

·      Bare Dynamics, LLC

·      Bensalem Rescue Squad

·      Bergen County Technical Schools

·      Best Practice Medicine

·      Big Rapids Department of Public Safety

·      Bildungsakadamie Mettman County EMS School (Germany)

·      Black Sheep Gun Training and Security, Inc.

·      BLSD-MANTOVA (Italy)

·      Bravo Zulu - First Aid & Safety Team

·      Brett Butler TRaining

·      Brigada 4x4 A.C.

·      Caldwell County Emergency Services

·      Capacitación y Asesoría Puma Alfa Ltda.

·      Capacitaciones Saar Chile Limitada

·      Cardiac Management Solutions, Inc.

·      Care in Conflict International

·      Careflight, Australia

·      Carroll County Fire Rescue Operations

·      Castilla Y Leon (Spain)

·      Cattarauges County Emergency Services

·      Cattaraugus County Sheriffs Department of Special Response Team

·      CEEME Capacitacion

·      Celops Consulting

·      Center for Counter Terrorist Training

·      Center for Tactical Medicine

·      Center of Tactical Medicine - Hungary

·      Central Minnesota Emergency Training LLC

·      Centro de Treinamento de Técnicas e Táticas Especiais

·      CESOUI Life Support Training Center (Mexico)

·      CFAST Colombia SAS

·      Chapel Hill Fire Department

·      Charlotte Fire Department

·      Chautauqua County HazMat/Special Ops Team

·      Chilean Security Academy

·      Chino Valley Fire District

·      Citizens Memorial Hospital

·      City of Beloit (WI) Fire Department

·      City of Dalton (GA) Police Department

·      City of Fitchburg (WI) Fire Department

·      City of Keene Fire Department

·      City of Lake Dallas Police Department

·      City of Medford (OK) EMS

·      City of Mulvane EMS

·      Clallam (WA) Fire District 3

·      Clave Uno ltda (Chile)

·      Clinical FX Medical Moulage and Training Solution (Australia)

·      Close Quarter Tactics Africa pty

·      Cold Bore Tactical, LLC

·      Collier County EMS

·      Collier County EMS/Fire Dept

·      Collin College Public Safety Training Center

·      Combat Medical Solutions

·      Committee for Damage Control and Tactical First Aid

·      Community College of Aurora

·      Connecticut SW Regional EMS Council

·      Cooper University Hospital, Dept. Of Emergency Medicine

·      Cosain Group, LLC

·      Cottleville Fire Department

·      CQ University

·      Crises Medicine

·      Crisis Point Trauma Care Inc

·      Crucible Defense Training, LLC

·      Curerpo de Medicos y Paramedicos Tacticos de Ecuador

·      Dallas Independent School District Police Department

·      DBI Tactical

·      Delaware County EMS

·      Delaware River Port Authority Police Department

·      Delhi TWP Fire Department

·      DeSoto County Fire Rescue

·      DFW Airport Operations

·      Dickinson College

·      Diversified Health and Safety Training, LLC

·      Dr. David Chew (Singapore)

·      Dr. Xavier Attrait, MD (France)

·      Drumm Emergency Solutions

·      Dunedid (FL) Fire Rescue

·      Dynamic Risk Solutions (South Africa)

·      Dynamic Training Group

·      E.M.T.C

·      Echo Group, LLC


·      Elena Gonzalez Benitez – Colegio Oficial de Enfermeria de Valencia, Espana

·      Elgin Fire Department

·      Elite School Lhenice

·      Ellington Fire Department

·      Emergencia y Rescate

·      Emergency Global Care Training

·      Emergency Management Unit, City of Duran

·      Emergency Medical Response Associates LLC

·      Emergency Services Group International

·      Emergency Supplies and Services (Tom Dockemery)

·      EMM *TAC Solutions

·      EMS Guatemala (Guatemala)

·      EMS Honduras

·      EMS International Training

·      EMS Rescue Tech Consultancy, Training and Services

·      Eni Petroleum

·      Entrenamiento de Respuesta a Emergencias Especializada y de Seguridad (Mexico)

·      ER Solutions (Mexico)

·      ER2Y Emergency Response Team-Training

·      ERGS Global Services (Portugal, Brazil, Angola)

·      Erik Vu, MD, CCP

·      European Medical Academy

·      Evolution and Ordinance Solutions

·      Facsalud

·      Federal Bureau of Prisons – FCI Schuylkill

·      First Responders Health Education

·      First Response Medical AS

·      First Response Training Group

·      Fort Worth Combatives

·      Frozen Medical LLC

·      FSRG deGruyter – McKusic Institute of Health Sciences

·      Fundacion Enfermeros Militares

·      G2 Guardian Group

·      Gabe Atchison

·      Global Conservation Force

·      Global Options and Solutions

·      Gloucester County (NJ) EMS

·      GM Risk Group

·      Goodland (KS) Fire Department

·      Gores Grupo Operativo De Rescate Emergencias y Salvamento (Canary Island, Spain)

·      GPT Tactical, Lynnwood (WA) Police

·      Greenville Health Division of Prehospital Medicine

·      Greenville Technical College

·      Gritborn, LLC

·      Guardian First Response

·      Guilford County Emergency Services

·      Hard Target Tactical

·      Harris County District Attorney’s Office

·      Haybox Inc.

·      Heracles Protect & Consulting Groupe

·      Homer Fire Department

·      Honor Health

·      Hostile Intent Training and Security Solutions

·      IE2C Israeli Emergency Casualty Care

·      IFP Tactical

·      Initial Response

·      Instituto Educacion Samur

·      Integrated Community Solutions to Active Violence Events (ICSAVE)

·      Integrated Tactics

·      International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

·      Invictus Personal Protection

·      Isle of Wight Volunteer Rescue Squad

·      Janus Consulting

·      Jean Brose and Sandra Klinges (Belgium)


·      KCN Rescue

·      KDI Protective Services

·      Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District

·      Laredo Community College Regional Law Enforcement Center

·      Lawrence County EMS

·      Lawrence County EMS

·      Leduc Fire Services

·      Life Support France

·      Lifecare Medical Services

·      Lifehold Strategic LLC

·      Line9Medic

·      Lopez Galvez Asesores

·      Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

·      Louisville Metro EMS

·      Low Country Emergency Response Training Center

·      Lyndhurst Fire Department/OEM

·      Manuel Guerra Navarro – Cabo de la Policia Municipal de Madrid

·      Matt McCraken

·      MB Event Solutions Ltd (United Kingdom)

·      McCabe Ambulance Service

·      Med Training Group, LLC

·      Med1plus GmbH

·      Medford (OR) Fire-Rescue

·      Medford Fire-Rescue

·      Medical Consulting and Training Solutions

·      Medical Transport and Training Solutions

·      Medicina Tactica Italia

·      Medicina Tactica Mexico (Mexico)

·      Medicor Proeliator, LLC

·      Meditac Chile

·      MedResponse LTD

·      MedSIM-TEAM®

·      Meducation, GR

·      MedWise Safety Services

·      Melita Safety Training Services

·      Mercurial Security Solutions

·      Mercy Regional EMS (Dr. Irvin Smith)

·      Merit Training, LTD.

·      Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City’s Police Academy

·      Metropolitan Emergency Services (MEMS)

·      Michiana Healthcare Education Center

·      Mid-America Safety Services

·      Milwaukee Area Technical College

·      Mobilize Rescue Systems

·      Modern Icon, LLC

·      Montgomery Alabama (Scott Dunn)

·      Montgomery County Hospital District

·      Mountain Vista (AZ) Fire District

·      Namer

·      National Academy of Tactical medicine Resposne

·      National Center of Tactical Medicine - NCTM Israel

·      Needham Fire Department

·      New Jersey EMS Task Force

·      Nik Wheatley

·      North Harford Fire Arms Training

·      Northern Virginia Emergency Response System

·      Northwest Kansas EMS

·      Norton Sound Health Corps.

·      NYPD Disorder Control Unit

·      O26 Training

·      Oak Creek Fire Department

·      Oak Park Fire Department

·      Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

·      Omnia Secura Academy

·      Operational Survival Gear

·      Other Solutions Consulting Ltd.

·      Ottowa Police Department

·      Outer Limit Supply

·      Outreach Educational Opportunities, LLC

·      Pacific Emergency Medical Training, Inc.

·      Paladin South Tactical Medicine Group

·      Palmetto Health Surgical Specialists

·      Paramed CZ

·      Pasadena Police Department

·      Pathfinder Expeditions, Tactical & Emergency Training

·      Penn Township Department of Fire Rescue EMS

·      Permian Basin Region Training Center

·      Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dept. Of Emergency Medicine

·      Philadelphia Fire Department

·      Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary

·      Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, 111th Squadron Subic Divison

·      Pilipinas 911

·      Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

·      Platinum Ten Medical, Inc.

·      Police Union of Catalonia

·      Policia Municipal de Madrid

·      Policia National Del Peru

·      Port Washington (WI) Fire Department

·      PPA-International Medical

·      Praetorium International

·      Prehospital Solutions

·      Prepared Medical Response, LLC

·      Primus Defense, LLC

·      Prince George’s County (MD) Fire Department

·      Pro-Medi GmbH (Germany)

·      Progressive Strategies Group, LLC

·      Protective Medicine

·      Public Safety Specialists

·      Public Servant Solutions

·      Quantico Fire and Emergency Services

·      R.B.F. Fire Department – Carabobo Rescue Team

·      Ragged Edge Medical

·      Real Response

·      Real World medical

·      Reanimación Sonora

·      Recon Medic

·      Red Stripe

·      Redlands (CA) Fire Department

·      Reedy Creek (FL) Emergency Services

·      Remote Area EMS / Personal Safety Solutions (Canada)

·      Remote Medicine France

·      Responder Solution Group

·      RGT, LLC

·      Robins Air Force Base Fire and Emergency Services

·      Rogue Medical Training

·      Ronny Janssens (Belgium)

·      RskTkr Consulting

·      RSP Training Services

·      Safety Training Institute, LLC

·      Saftey Direct Solutions

·      Saginaw County TEMS

·      Saline Valley Fire Protection District

·      Salt Lake City (UT) Fire Department

·      San Diego Humane Society

·      San Francisco (CA) Sheriff’s Department

·      San Francisco Sheriff's Department

·      Sarl Protec’ Sante

·      Saving Grace Tactical Training LLC

·      Schformation

·      Schformation (France)

·      Scottsdale Fire Department

·      Scurry County EMS

·      Semes Andalucia

·      Sentinal Tactical Emergency Medicine

·      Sergeant Rescue Training and Consulting

·      Shady Grove Tactical LLC

·      Sherman County (KS) Fire Department

·      Sierra International Medical Training Solutions

·      Sierra International Medical Training Solutions (Thailand)

·      Silverback Safety and Training Solutions, Inc.

·      Situation Ready Emergency Consulting

·      SMAT Security Group

·      sociación internacional de operaciones especiales y emergencias médicas

·      Sociedad Española de Medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias (Spain)

·      Soporte De Vida

·      South Londonberry Police Department

·      Southwest Tech

·      Sovereign Global Acade’mie (France)

·      Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (Spain)

·      Spartan Firearms Training Group, LLC

·      Special Operations Tactical Training International


·      St. Joe’s Medical Hospital Security Police

·      Stillwater Police Department (Dr. Charles Olson, Jr)

·      Stop the Bleeding Foundation

·      Strategic Self Reliance and Defense

·      Studio Filippi Marco

·      Sumner County ERT

·      Surete du Quebec (Quebec Provincial Police)

·      Survival Instructors World Association

·      Survival Mindset

·      SWFL Tac Med Interventions

·      Sycamore Fire Department

·      T-MED Services, Inc.

·      T.E.C.C. Espana

·      TacMed Australia Pty Ltd.

·      TacMed Faculty

·      TacMed Solutions UK, Ltd.

·      Tactical Education and Medical Solutions-LLC

·      Tactical Firearms Academy

·      Tactical First Aid Training (France)

·      Tactical Medicine Germany

·      Tactical Medics Group, LLC

·      Tactical Medics International

·      Tactical Protec

·      Tactical Response Training

·      Tactically Sound Training Center

·      Taprack Training Solutions

·      Taurus Tactical

·      Team Life, Inc.

·      TEM Training Inc.


·      Tensho

·      Texas Department of Public Safety

·      The George Washington University Emergency Health Services program

·      The Happy Wanderer

·      The Tactical EMS School

·      Threat Suppression, LLC

·      TLP Associates

·      Train to Respond, LLC

·      Tri-Medical Tactical, LLC

·      Triple 9

·      Tulsa (OK) Police Dept.

·      Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue

·      Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Services

·      Twin City Ambulance

·      Type A Solutions

·      U.M.I. Unite Mobile d'Instruction

·      UDTWFA, LLC

·      Ulfheldin Tactical Solutions

·      Unconventional Medicine, LLC

·      University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Police Department

·      University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Gordon Center

·      University of Oklahoma- Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

·      University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department

·      UPREMEDIC-Bolivia

·      Urban Safety, Survival, & Tactical Training LLC

·      US Law3 Shield Medical

·      USAF / NY Ang

·      Valor Med LLC.

·      Valparaiso (IN) Fire Department

·      Vancouver and Abbotsford Police Department ERT

·      Vantage Emergency Training Solutions, LLC

·      Vencedores EMIR

·      Viking Consultant Group, LLC

·      Virginia EMS Training Group

·      W. Mel Oakley, III

·      Wake County EMS

·      West Hartford Police Tactical and Protective Medicine Branch

·      West Yorkshire Police Operational Support Unit

·      Westchester County Department of Emergency Services

·      White Oak EMS

·      Wichita State University

·      Woodbridge (NJ) Police Department

·      WVARNG

·      York Regional EMS

·      Z.C.A.P.T.S

·      Zahari Stolley

·      Zoticon, LLC

*This list is updated as of November 20, 2018.