Areas of the guidelines which may need future revisions/additions and medical topics that could influence or change the guidelines were identified at the December Committee meeting, and working groups on each of these were established. Each working group has been charged with examining all available literature on the topic selected and with developing recommendations for guideline changes to be presented for vote to the Guidelines Committee.

Integration/implications of TECC in Command & Control
LEAD: John Delaney

Integration of Rescue operations and Casualty Collection Points into TECC
LEAD: Sean Mckay

Implications of TECC on triage
LEAD: Mark Anderson

Implications of Personal Protective Equipment on TECC
LEAD: John Delaney

Tranexamic Acid
LEAD: Mike Shertz

TECC Curriculum validation
LEAD: Reed Smith

TECC standard training/ briefing slide deck
LEAD: David Callaway

TECC standard training scenarios
LEAD: Joshua Bobko

TECC science
LEAD: Matt Sztajnkrycer
LEAD: Alex Eastman

Special populations and TECC
LEAD: Joshua Bobko

C-TECC New Member process
LEAD: Jeff Race

LEAD: Geoff Shapiro

LEAD: Reed Smith